Folding Boxboard

Folding Boxboard

Adhesive Laminated Paper Board

The most flexible method of manufacturing boards for mounting, framing and storage/boxes is to glue two or more sheets together on a laminating machine. This allows papers and textures to be combined to create an infinite variety. Paper and foils can also be used for special applications.

Corrugated board is also laminated but the inner core is fluted to create thickness without density.

As an intrinsic part of the board CXD pay particular attention to any adhesive used for laminating the plies of paper together. The first quality Museum, Conservation Mounting and Premier Duo™ Archival Folding Boxboards are made using ‘Evacon-R™’, an EVA adhesive. A PVA adhesive with Neutral pH is used for the second quality boards. EVA is a much more expensive adhesive than PVA but has proved more resistant to acid hydrolysis and contains no plasticisers.

For the range of corrugated boards we use a starch adhesive. Due to the difficulty in controlling moisture-content, starch is now rarely used commercially for producing mountboards. In the past, many boards were laminated with hot animal glue and can be identified by the brown glue line between each layer of paper.

Paper can be glued together on either a reel-to-reel laminator or a sheet-to-sheet laminator or a sheet-to-reel laminator.