Timecare® Crystal Polyester Type 2

Timecare® Crystal Polyester Type 2

Timecare® Crystal Polyester

Timecare® Crystal Polyester Type 2 Album Pages are for those looking for optimal clarity and strength for long-term, conservation-grade storage and display of photographs, documents and ephemera.

The ultra-smooth surface of the material creates intimate contact which makes these so useful for photographic storage - can also make insertion of thinner papers difficult on larger pockets.

To make inserting thinner papers easier, a new album page style has been developed, called L-style where pockets are open on two adjacent sides. In CXD tests with several pieces of paper in each pocket, documents have been held securely in position because of the hold gained through intimate contact between the smooth polyester and paper surfaces.

These products, developed and manufactured by Conservation By Design, are made from 100-micron, crystal clear, PAT-approved, CXD polyester type 2, offering greater rigidity and clarity than the existing HCL range of album pages.

They have a binder edge (25mm), with 4 holes punched at 80mm centres.