Timecare Solidcore

Timecare® Heritage Conservation SolidCore

An economical alternative to cotton board, made from high-quality, chemically purified wood fibres.

High in alpha cellulose and buffered with calcium carbonate, it resists airborne pollution thereby maintaining a neutral environment around the object. The paper is neutral-sized internally with AKD and externally with starch.

It is laminated with EVA plasticiser-free adhesive which is more resistant to acid hydrolysis than other cheaper synthetic adhesives. This is important if you are looking for the maximum level of protection because, if the adhesive breaks down and ‘off-gasses’ (ie. acetic acid in the micro-environment of a frame or a box), the object enclosed will be damaged.

The board may be easily cut and gives a smooth edge which will maintain its colour without yellowing throughout the life of the board. The board is suitable for ink and wash-line decoration because of the surface-sizing of the paper.