CXD Case Studies

Boston Public Library and Depulvera Book Cleaner

Egyptian National Library and Archives and Enigma™ Frame 

Artcare™ Case Studies

Artcare™ is the product of choice for priceless historic artifacts. Museums and archives around the world rely on Artcare™ to protect important art and documents—including George Washington’s last will and testament and relics from the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Preserving George Washington’s Last Will & Testament

Lewis and Clark Plant Specimen Collection

Preserving the Wright Brother’s Original Bi-Plane Drawings

Philadelphia Athenaeum Collection

Multi-Million Dollar Collection at LA Museum

University of Pennsylvania Saves Architectural Legacy

Historic Artifacts at Cliveden of the National Trust

Historic Engravings at the Wyck Association

Textiles at the Helen Louis Allen Collection

Philadelphia Folklore Project Preserves Wall Collages

Preserving Supreme Court History for Future Generations

Battle of Wounded Knee Collection at Nebraska State Historical Society

John Singer Sargent Portraits at Naumkeag

Tru-Vue® Optium® Museum Acrylic Case Studies

Tru Vue Optium® Museum Acrylic is fast becoming the accepted glazing preference for many leading Museums and Galleries around the globe. Here are a selection of case studies where Optium Museum was used. 

Tru-Vue at Taliesin

Perseus series by Burne-Jones re-glazed for Southampton City Art Gallery

Protecting and Presenting Photographic Exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago

Reconstruction of the display cases for the paintings “Pieta” and “Flagellation” by Sebastiano del Piombo

SFMOMA Creates Frame Solution for Ad Reinhardt Painting

From Rembrandt to Mondriaan - Tru Vue and The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam


Artiteq® Case Studies

Artiteq offers a broad range of modern and contemporary hanging solutions for galleries and museums, used all around the world. 

Artiteq Click Rail Pro at the Louwman Museum in The Hague, NL  Artiteq