Heritage Arch pHkraft 120gsm N Grey Roll

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Heritage Archival pHotokraft™ 120gsm Neutral Grey
1680mm x 25mtr Roll

A combination of strength and purity Heritage Archival pHotokraft™ papers are acid-free and lignin-free long kraft fibre papers designed for use as conservation storage bookbinding long life printing and photocopy paper.
The range consists of 5 colours and is offered in 5 weights and is available in sheets and rolls.

Manufactured to the highest archival standards these papers offer excellent die cutting and creasing performance.
They are internally and externally ‘Tub’ sized which improves fold strength resistance to water surface abrasion and ensures good printability.

All colours are light fast and bleed proof. Made without the use of Optical Brightening Agents (OBA’s).
Both 100% virgin pulp and pure clean water are used in its production.
Heritage Archival pHotokraft™ White is supplied in buffered and un-buffered versions.
White is also available in 90 gsm gummed tape.
Heritage Archival pHotokraft™ papers are used to produce Premier™ Archival Folding and Premier™ Fluted Boxboard.

• pH7.5 to 9.5 (unbuffered 6.5 to 8.5) BS2924 ISO6588:1981
• Acid-free and lignin-free (ASTM D1030/ISO 302)
• Lightfast and bleed-proof pigments - min 5 BlueWool Scale test (BS1006:97 and TAPPI T475)
• Neutral AKD internal sizing, external tub-sized/starch
• Buffered (average 3%) calcium carbonate (ISO 9706:2004) (Unbuffered, no calcium carbonate added)
• High percentage long kraft fibres
• Alpha Cellulose above 87%
• Reducible Sulphur less than 0.8 parts per million (0.0008%) (TAPPI T406)
• No added OBAs
• Passes Silver Tarnish Test (ASTM D2043)

Passes Photographic Activity Test (PAT) (ISO 18916)